Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos – Or not


Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos. This weeks challenge is all about demonstrating Chaos. We were asked to share our own take on chaos. Could it be the mess in your living room. A busy street crossing. A party on the verge of getting a little out of hand. Or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.

A group of pigeons is called a ‘Flight’, by the way. Not sure about you, but I didn’t know this, so if this challenge has done nothing else, it has taught me that!!

Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos

Weekly Photo Challenge Chaos – There is Order to it

Do you, like me often wonder? How so many birds can fly is such close proximity without clattering into one another. It certainly looks like Chaos to me. Considering they avoid crashing into each other (most of the time) I guess there is order to the chaos.

London was the scene of of this photo. Famed for its pigeons. They all took flight. Just as I was getting ready to take a shot. This is the outcome.

Looks like Chaos to me!!

Hope you enjoy this weeks challenge! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Perfect take on the theme. I’m always astonished at the way flocks of birds can take off and make sweeping changes of direction without any collisions.

    1. Richard

      Me too!! I was worried they would collide with me!! 🙂 Thanks for commenting…

  2. That is a perfectly chaotic picture, WOW!

    1. Richard

      Chaotic…..and a little ‘Alfred Hitchcock Birds’ scary!! 🙂

    1. Richard

      Thank You!! 🙂

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