I love taking photos of where we visit. Not only are they great memory joggers, but they help tell a story.

They help ignite the senses that either remind us of where we were, or help to gift those feelings to those reading the articles, and stories.


I cannot lie, I am a bit of a gadget lover, and this extends to cameras, lenses, and everything that goes with it.

This section is all about my camera gear, and what I may take on what trips. It is a new section, so stay tuned for the first article.

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If you are looking to learn how to edit, or perhaps a streamlined workflow, then check out the below articles. I hope you find something useful.

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A selection of articles showcasing my favourite photos from certain trips.

There are old articles on here where the photography is perhaps not as great as it could be. They are here as a reminder for how things were, and also to remind me of the great trips we have been on.

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