Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify

Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify

Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify. This weeks photo challenge is all about Transmogrify.

Transmogrify = “ To transform in a surprising or magical manner.”

And what a better time to show this than in Autumn, when everything changes. The weather, what you wear, how you feel. And of course, nature

There is no better place to demonstrate this than The New Forest. Colours change from shades of greens and browns, to shades of orange and, errr…brown.

Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify

The colour change of the New Forest. I chose this photo as I like the Band of Colours. Blue sky, greens, then fiery orange.

Weekly Photo Challenge Transmogrify

It was another one of those drives through the forest looking for a potential car park that you could just pull into, park and walk.

Culverley was the car park of choice, and it turned out to be a decent stop. I have a lot more photos taken on this walk, but they are for another post!

In the meantime, hope you enjoy this weeks entry



  1. I love your entry! It absolutely captures the enchanting New Forest and gives me the sense that it is transmogrifying before my very eyes. And you have the correct definition with none of the Websters nonsense about Gruesome transformations. Its magic pure and simple 🙂

    1. Richard

      Definitely not gruesome!! The magic of the enchanting New Forest is a perfect way to describe it!! Thanks for stoping by!!

  2. Michaela

    I love the sky! Very nice work 🙂

    1. Richard

      Thanks Michaela, low sun, clouds and colours will definitely make for a decent photo!!

  3. Looks lovely, superb colours!

    1. Richard

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. That’s what struck me, the colours, represent the change from summer to Autumn in one photo! Have a great day!

    1. Richard

      Thank you, it’s a beautiful place to live!!

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