Weekly Photo Challenge Ambience

January 13th Weekly Photo Challenge Ambience

Recently we all went on a walk.

A December walk in the UK is sometimes blessed with blue skies, sunshine and above average temperatures.

This, however wasn’t one of those times, it was foggy, no blue skies, and a smidgen of sunshine trying to force its way through the clouds.

As a result, Black & White was the order of the day. Trust me, the sun is trying to break through there…although it wasn’t very successful.

Enjoy the photo, stay tuned for more from Snaps & Stories




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  2. Incredible view! One of my pictures from Washington State looks a bit like that. I love fog in the trees, it is sooooo beautiful

    1. Richard

      Thank you for the nice comment. It was a lovely walk with great scenery!

  3. Richard, I went with fog as well. Lovely shots.


    1. Richard

      Thank you. Fog certainly adds its own ambience thats for sure!

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