Marchwood New Forest Walk. Fog & Puddles

It was cold, damp and foggy but that wasn’t going to stop us on a Marchwood New Forest Walk.

We donned walking shoes, wellies and coats. Grabbed the camera, and off we went. We parked up and headed up the hill to the clearing.

We have walked here before, so we know some of the paths, but there is always a track or route undiscovered.

Being December, the weather was grotty. Foggy, muddy and puddles everywhere.

marchwood-walk-30-dec-1022Great for a 2 year old. Less great for the parents, but we had fun nonetheless.

There was plenty to keep Max interested.

Holes to jump in, puddles to splash in, and stones to throw.

We are fortunate enough to have places like this on our doorstep now. A vast difference to the environment we came from in West London a few months ago.

On this walk, we saw horses grazing in the wintery weather. A camp built by others, certainly not by us, and a sign written by a regular walker that has clearly had enough of littering, and dog owners not doing their job entirely right!

There is the odd hill on this walk, but nothing to strenuous. If you go up from your car, then you have to go back down it right?

Marchwood New Forest WalkThe Marchwood New Forest Walk area, called the Matchwood Inclosure, is located just off the Hythe By-Pass. Map Coordinates are 50.863712, -1.444422. Closest postcode is SO45 5JA, but this takes you to a roundabout near a Tesco Superstore, a totally different kind of walk! Head into the forest from this roundabout, and the inclosure to par is on the right.

In any case, the walk was a good one, and if you are ever passing though Marchwood and are looking for a stroll, you can’t go far wrong with this one.




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