USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 1

Getting ready for a 3 week USA Road Trip was always going to be tough with a 2 year old.

Working out what to pack, trying to pack it. Unpacking it again because you think you’ve taken too much, then thinking what the hell, we are going to Florida for 10 days, Max is bound to need 6 pairs of shorts, 7 tshirts 3 pairs of shoes and 2 sets of pyjamas. We will stick in in just in case.

Trying to do this while said 2 year old wants to watch Fireman Sam or climb in a recently emptied wastepaper basket thinking it’s the funniest thing since the recent US Elections!!

Next up was trying to work out what to take for the 10 days in New York. That was the second suitcase packed!

Anyway, we made it and left the house albeit about an hour after we had hoped to. After a quick stop at M&S for some currency (you should never wait until the airport to get this as you no doubt know. Way bad rates if you do) we were well and truly on our way.

Suzanne drove and enroute we made a quick call to let our meet and greet driver know we were going to be late. No problem.

After driving round the North Terminal 4 times we made it to the hotel, deciding to park briefly to drop the bags off before heading to the Meet and Greet man to babysit our car for 3 weeks. Of course we decided to park where the biggest puddle was. Of course Max decided to drop Bunny into the puddle!

Anyway, we checked in, headed off to the triple family room leaving all the bags still on the trolley we had grabbed till the morning. Then, after taking the car to be lovingly looked after by a team of strangers, (after driving round the North Terminal a further 2 times) it was back down for a drink and tea in the hotel bar. It was at this point Max decided to be a little shit challenge.

Throwing plant pot pebbles everywhere and demanding to sit on, not at, the bar to avoid total meltdown.

He then calmed down when we went for tea, troffing all his pasta and getting a treat from the waitress of a mini bag of chocolate buttons. No treat for Suzanne or I!

Looking tired

After Max got that glazed look in his eye, we headed back to try and settle him into his big boy bed for the night. I type this at 10pm with him snoring away in the bed opposite and Suzanne blowing her nose next to me. And I’m supposed to sleep tonight!!

The holiday has started, and it is sure going to be an interesting one.

Tomorrow, the challenge of a 10 hour flight with an ever increasingly independent 2 year old and hopefully a plane full of understanding passengers, at least in and around Row 17!!

Holiday essentials
Ready for the off!!


Rainbow snapped on the iPhone
Bed time




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