Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest

Here is our review of Spot in the Woods New Forest, tucked away in a quiet corner of the New Forest.

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Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest

Useful Information


Spot in the Woods
174 Woodlands Rd
Netley Marsh
New Forest
SO40 7GL

Open Dates & Costs

Open 7 days a week
8am – 4pm

Good to Know

Limited Parking
Waiting times at busy periods
Great Menu
Food Good

Snapshot of Spot in the Woods

This was my first visit and my wife’s second. The fact she was pleased to go back, is a positive! The car park is quite small, as they share it with the B&B.
It was busy and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table, but that, in my opinion, is a good sign! Good food and a pleasant place to means it gets the thumbs up from us.

Location – 9 / 10
Customer Service – 8 / 10
Menu – 8 / 10
Food – 9 / 10
Price / Value for Money – 7 / 10

Location of Spot in the Woods

Located in the North East ‘corner’ of the New Forest, it is set in a small road, surrounded by the forest.

Nearby are walks, and wildlife to see. Spot in the Woods is a short drive from Southampton and would prove to be a nice little stop off if you are travelling from London to Bournemouth or the West Country

Location – 9 / 10

Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest

Customer Service

We were greeted quite quickly on arrival, despite the queue. We were told there was a 10 or 15-minute wait, which, turned out to be the lower of the two.

The waitress was polite as she seated us, but you could tell they were very busy as she had to wipe the table as we were seated.

In addition, the basked on the table had no knives or napkins in, but that was soon remedied.

Customer Service – 8 / 10

Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest

Spot in the Woods Menu

The menu was really pretty good and there is surely something for everyone. From a simple Full English All Day Breakfast to something a little more artisan, then how about the Avocado, Tomato & Marinated Tofu baked in a Spinach Wrap. Or the Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Scrambled Eggs.

There is pretty much something for everyone on this menu. Even the children are taken care of with a decent range.

Food Quality

Well presented, and decent sized portions mean you should be quite content when you leave. The Full English was tasty, and just the right amount. Suzanne’s Bacon, Avocado and Poached Eggs also went down a treat.

The clean plates at the end were a justification of that!

We treated ourselves to a couple of cakes between the three of us. Because, well, we have to judge the Sweets & Bakery section too!

Carrott cake is amazing, and the Rocky Road is a Chocolate and Marshmallow lovers delight. Both disappeared from our plates in the blink of an eye!

Price / Value for Money

Price and Value for Money are 2 different things here. Spot in the Woods isn’t cheap. £9.95 for a Full English is certainly more than you may pay at a simple roadside or village cafe. However, you are paying for the location, the environment and the quality.

So, while the price is a little on the high side, we think it is still good value for money.

Conclusion for our Review of
Spot in the Woods New Forest

All in all, this is a lovely little woodland cafe, with an extensive menu, a nice environment to be in, and decent food.

Assuming the parking is ok, and you can perhaps put up with minor niggles when they are busy (waiting, table not perhaps laid totally) then you will love this place.

The niggles really are minor, and it does not stop us in giving our Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest, and big thumbs up!

Check out the video below, the photos and let me know if you have any places you love, or if you have been to Spot in the Woods!

Here is a Video of our Review of
Spot in the Woods New Forest

Photos from our Review of
Spot in the Woods New Forest

Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest
Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest
Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest
Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest
Review of Spot in the Woods New Forest
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