London to Dorset…it’s only the start!!


Our London to Dorset trip started with trying to squeeze 6 days worth of 2 grown ups and 1 toddler “stuff” into a BMW. Sounds simple enough? But with said BMW being a convertible, boot space wasn’t the norm and neither was back seat space.

It’s the journey not the destination that matters

I wanted to take my car and not my wife’s as it is more fun to drive. In addition should the rarest sight this summer of the sun show its face, that roof may come down.

Family road trip
Ready for the off!!

When we had finished playing vehicle Tetris and everything was in, we could still see out of the back window. AND we hadn’t buried Max, our 2 year old on the back seat in the process!!

Max had been at nursery that morning for a few hours. Once we had picked him up we hit the road heading south, on what is becoming a familiar route for us.

Within 30 mins we had snoozing toddler it the back, and we could open the chocolate. 😉

New Forest views
New Forest views

Break Time

About an hour later we decided to have a break. This allowed us to stretch our legs and for Max to be relieved from his car seat for a bit.

Now being in the New Forest area, so we pulled off near Ringwood and stopped at a rest stop called Picket Post. We had a walk enjoying the scenery, and a snack to keep us going for the rest of the journey.

Then it was back on the road to join the other crowds and masses that seemed to be heading down to the south coast at the start of the school holidays!

Tomorrow…..Off to a Wedding near Taunton!!







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