Is Glamping right for us (and you)!


Is Glamping right for us?

Let me get one thing clear right from the start I am not a fan.

Yes I may have done it when I was younger, late teens / early twenties. It was more of a friends jaunt away, where we could smoke and drink. And do things we probably couldn’t have done had we not been free from the shackles of civilisation!

I am or course talking about Camping.

Is Glamping right for us or are we making a mistake?

My memories are waking up in a cold, damp sleeping bag in the clothes I wore yesterday. I will no doubt be wearing them the next day too. On one occasion I recall the only reason the tent was still there in the morning was because we had the foresight to tie it to the bumper of one of the cars!!

Yes, based on this, I am not a fan!

Now the age 40 sign is a slowly disappearing landmark in the rear view mirror, Glamping is much more acceptable. Having yet to embark on a motorhome trip which is in the planning, Glamping seemed the next thing to try.

First and foremost, we have never been camping as a couple, or as a family.

It only seemed inevitable that at some point with a young son our trips abroad will take a bit more planning. Should we want that impromptu getaway, camping would sooner or later be suggested.

This weekend we are heading down to Dorset to visit family. Said family are then looking after our little one while we head over to a little village south of Bristol for a friends wedding. More importantly, a night without our 2 year old (yay) for only the 3rd time in 2 years!!

Then, it’s back to Dorset, one more night with family, then heading off to Knaveswell Farm,, for two nights Glamping!!

Knaveswell describes itself as “4* Farm Cottage and Camping*.

I am guessing Campsites use a different Star rating to hotels!!

Knavewell itself looks really cool, it gives you everything you expect in a campsite, and more!! The “tents” look awesome, the communication with the owner, Jo, so far has been great, and the location is fabulous too.

If our tent is anything like this, and stays warm and dry, then perhaps I may become a fan after all!!

Is Glamping right for us
Luxurious glamping cabin in the woods with fire pit



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