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With time to kill, we decided on a Lepe Beach Day Trip. We live a mere 5 miles from this particular beach. As a result it is perfect for those days when the sun is shining, and you’re not quite sure what to do.

Our Lepe Beach Day Trip

Lepe Beach Day trip
Lepe location

Lepe Beach is small, mainly shingle type beach situated just south east of the New Forest. There are two carparks, right on the beach, and another in the park area which is situated a few metres above the beach car park.

We chose a beautiful day for our Lepe Beach Day Trip. It was a Tuesday nearing the end of the school holidays. While there were a few people about, it was by no means crowded. This certainly helped with the photos!

Our two year old Max, still occasionally like his buggy. There are a few areas that has sand, and anyone that has ever tried to push or pull a buggy laden with food, nappies, drink and other baby related things, over a sandy beach knows how tough this can be.

But, have no fear! If you walk up the steps or slope to the park area, there is an easy to navigate path. This path runs along parallel to the beach, with little tracks off to the right. These tracks lead to the beach so no dragging stuff through loads of sand!! Hooray!!

The tide can come in and out quickly, so beware. In particular if you have little ones playing and wanting to throw things. There is an pebble pier that juts out in the sea. Tempting to walk to the end, but beware. Max went from sitting on dry pebbles to a wet bum in a matter of minutes!!

Parking and Food – more about our Lepe Beach Day Trip

Lepe Beach Day Trip-1003Parking can be tricky during weekends and busy times. We visited in the school holidays, but during the week. As a result, we had no issues. It is a pay and display car park, and the charges are valid all year round. So something to bear in mind.

The coffee shop is pretty decent, selling breakfasts, lunches hot and cold, drinks and ice cream. Not much more you could ask for really. There is seating inside and out, so perfect for a break and enjoying the view.

All in all, well worth a visit, if you want to come to enjoy the New Forest, but take in some seaside sights too. Take a look at www.new-forest-national-park.com/lepe-country-park.html for more info.

Hope you enjoy the latest Snaps & Stories!!


Lepe Beach Day Trip-1017

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