Windsor Changing of the Guard


Windsor Changing of the Guard

We were at a lose end for the day, so we decided to head over to check out the Windsor Changing of the Guard.

The drive to Windsor is only about 20 minutes, so it is amazing that we haven’t actually taken Max to see this before!

After a bit of research, we found out that the Guards set off from Victoria Barracks, on Sheet Street, and up the road, following the high street into Windsor Castle.

Windsor Changing of the Guard Route

Route, shown in Blue and Yellow, they guards take

The actual changing of the guard takes place in the Castle grounds, which you have to pay to see, but we were happy enough with the march in of the new guards, and the march out of the old guards, so we could mingle with the crowds and stand on the high street to see them come and go.

They set off from the Barracks at about 10:45, marching through the streets, usually accompanied with a playing band, and enter the cast at around 10:55. The actual change takes place at 11am, after which the old guard leave the castle at about 11:25 heading back to the Barracks.

Click the image of the map to see bigger.

When should you go

Well, it varies. We viewed it in August when the guard is changed every other day, on even days i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th etc, with the following exceptions

* Exceptions to Schedule – August*
No Ceremony or Musical Support – on Sunday 14th, and Sunday 28th August 2016, Windsor Castle Guard will travel to the Guard Room by coach.

I would suggest checking their website, here, before setting off to see it

Where to stand for the Windsor Changing of the Guard

The security / police are pretty hot on where people stand. Whatever you do don’t put a foot on the road to get a snap, as they immediately tell you to get back on the pavement, and rightly so. My tips on where to stand are as follows:

To see the new guard arrive before 11, I suggest standing at the top of Peascod Stree. The high street is closed, and you are allowed to stand across the street, as long as you don’t encroach too far. This way, you are looking straight down the road as they approach, before they turn into Castle Hill.

To see the old Guard leave, at about 11:25, I would recommend standing outside Barbour / HSBC. This way, you see the old guard leaving, an you get great photos with the castle behind them.

No matter where you choose, it gets busy, so if you’re not the type (and we hate those types) that wants to push to the front passed those people that have been waiting for 20 minutes, then get there 20 minutes earlier!!

If you don’t go in to see the actual changing of the guard, and are happy with the parade, arrival and departure, then it is all over quite quickly, but worth seeing, and a fabulous site to witness.

As always, I had a camera, so here are my Top 5 Snaps, with the rest in a Slideshow below. Enjoy!!

Windsor Changing of the Guard

Windsor Changing of the Guard-1012

Windsor Changing of the Guard-1017

Windsor Changing of the Guard
As the old Guard leave the castle

Windsor Changing of the Guard-1022


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