Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Los Angeles Light trails

Cee’s Which Way Challenge for this week, an entry from LA, Los Angeles Light trails.

The city on the horizon, and the busy road below us.

The hustle and bustle….the Los Angeles Light trails

….and the calming warm evening sky.

Los Angeles Light trails. Which Way..?

I wonder where everyone is heading!

Los Angeles Light trails

This was taken back in 2013, when we were visiting LA on our USA Road Trip. We were about to do the obligatory drive west on Mulholland at sunset. Before we did, we stopped off at a scenic view point. This was taken hand held, so about as good as I could manage!

Posting today, in response to this weeks Which Way Challenge, from Cee, which you can see here.


  1. Gorgeous photo for this week 😀

    1. Richard

      Thank you. It was a pleasure taking it too!!

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