Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach


Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach. This weeks Photo Challenge is all about Local

Lepe Beach Country Park is very close to us, and is one of the reasons we moved to where we did. We wanted to be near the coast and near the beach. Lepe Beach isn’t a massive, sandy beach like nearby Bournemouth. But it is still great to have something on our doorstep we can enjoy.

This photo is my wife Suzanne and our son, Max, just chillin’ enjoying the sunshine, the beach and the views.

Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach
Enjoying the Local beach


Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach – Why this is my choice for the challenge

We come here often, there is a beach, tea rooms / café, country park with a play park. There are also plenty of opportunities to walk, and you can walk as far from or stay as close to your car as you like, and still enjoy the beach.

This is why the Weekly Photo Challenge Lepe Beach is my choice for the weekly photo challenge this week. More on Lepe Beach here if you fancy taking a look.


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