USA 2019 – 26th March Day 4 – Yosemite to Angels Camp

Day 4

Today we started in – Yosemite
We finished in – Angels Camp
Miles travelled today – 103
Miles so far this trip – 561
Tonight we are staying at – Travelodge, Angels Camp

 Tuesday 26th March – Day 4

There is a welcome stillness as I step outside room 3307 at the Yosemite View Inn. The sun is bouncing off the clouds to my left, giving them a warm glow.

The moon still hangs in the air to my right. Other than the odd passing car every few minutes, the gurgling water in the stream across the car park is the only sound.

I walk to reception. Two teas are the only things on the shopping list, and at 6.45am, I am not expecting to queue for them.

At 7am I am back in the room, and Max and Suzanne are nearly ready, although it still takes us until 8.30 to rejoin California 140 for the drive into Yosemite Valley.

It will come as no surprise that the drive is a twisty one. The path of least resistance for the road builders to weave through the mountains. It makes perfect sense.

Twisty drives are becoming a theme for us on this trip. We give the National Parks system another $35. About 4 miles later and we are parked up in one of the many pull out points that are on offer along the way.

Every single time we visit Yosemite, our first stop is the the Swinging Bridge. Every. Single. Time.

OK, we have only been here twice, but still. Every single time we stop here first.

We walk across the bridge that is no longer swinging. There are two differences to the last / first time we were here.

The trees have less leaves and the waterfalls have more water.

We soak up the peaceful tranquility that surrounds us. Being 9am, on a weekday, and out of the holiday season means we almost have the place to ourselves.

We walk across the bridge. The views of El Capitan and the meadows under it are breathtaking. All we can hear is birds and waterfalls. Peacefulness personified. No cars, no people. Nothing other than nature.

A wall (I mean sheer cliff face) of multi coloured rock looms over us. We amble back over the bridge. Stopping one more time to take some photos, in case I missed the shot the first time around.

Back in the car, we make it all of 100 metres before stopping again. El Capitan looms above us. More photos, but this time cars are getting in the way. Human traffic is increasing as the day progresses.

We eventually make it to Yosemite Valley visitor centre. Seeking the advice of the staff in there, we chose two shortish walks.

Lower Yosemite Falls and Mirror Lake. Neither of which we saw on our last visit there.

The walk to Yosemite Lower Falls is pleasant, although too much for Max so we do it in two shifts. Me first, then Suzanne.

The path winds around, the sound of the falls getting louder, but only as I get really close.

Good to see, but not as awe inspiring as what we have seen already. We head back to shuttle bus stop number 6, and jump on the next bus. 15 minutes later and we disembark at stop 17, for Mirror Lake.

This really tests Max’s fitness, and generally copes pretty well. The road to the lake winds alongside Tenaya Creek. Squirrels occasionally dart across, but we see nothing of the mountains lions we are told frequent this area!

I was expecting quite a large lake. The high mountains and rock faces a backdrop to a mirror like surface. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Beautiful, but not as stunningly draw dropping as I was hoping for.

We head back to the bus stop, a one mile walk became more of a challenge when a very tired Max accidentally pokes himself in the eye!

Before we know it, we are in the car, and climbing. The 8 foot snow packs the banks of the road, for a moment throwing us back to Sequoia.

Petrol running low, and trusting the 6 year old maps we have installed on the sat nav, it directs us to a small road, still covered in snow and off the beaten track. Convinced it is a wild goose chase, we accept the hunt for fuel will go on.

But surprisingly, a petrol station hides there. The shop, buried in the white stuff gives us fear that we must wait longer, but the pumps have power, and card terminals attached.

$30 later, and we are good to go. Who knows when the shop / kiosk of the establishment will open again. Probably long after we are pool side at South Lake Tahoe in 48 hours time!

The Travelodge in Angel’s Camp is tonights place to rest our head. On the advice of the receptionist (and a fellow guest) Mike’s pizza is the place for tea.

To us, a typical American place, back street place. Red and white chequered table cloths. American classics play on the stereo. Bud is on draft, and fried food dominates the menu.

Low lighting and wooden furniture completes the scene setting, and us three weary travellers eat what we can, before heading back for a well earned nights sleep.

Day 4 complete. 20 to go!

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