USA Road Trip – Things to see in San Francisco from our view

Driving from San Francisco to Monterey Black and White foggy golden gate bridge

Things to see in San Francisco, from our view. If you have read previous posts, you will see we have driven quite a bit. However, no miles travelled today. Didn’t even see the car. If we are paying $51 to park a car, then it is going to stay put and get all our moneys worth!!

san francisco fogGuess what, another early start!! Up at 7, to be out by 8 so we could get to Pier 33 to catch our ferry to Alcatraz Island. The weather started off foggy, and got only slightly better through the day, as you will see.

We arrived in good time to grab a bit of breakfast in a little place next to the port. San Francisco is sooooo expensive!! We boarded the boat for the 15 minute crossing, the view to the right blue skies and sunshine, with Bay Bridge in the distance. The view to the left, dense fog. A right mixture of things to see in San Francisco!

We arrived at the island, and took the audio tour, which explained the history of the prison, comments from both ex guards and ex prisoners. It told us about some famous prisoners in detail, such as Al Capone and “The Birdman”

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It also explained about attempted prison breaks, and the only one that was successful, but they think the three drowned trying to get to shore.

All in all, a good morning.

More of the things to see in San Francisco

In the afternoon, we got tickets for the hop on hop off bus that took us around the island, including going over the bridge. The biggest disappointed so far as it was still shrouded in mist, which apparently is the norm according to the guide. The wind and cold going across the bridge was like riding a motorbike, in England, in January… a pair of speedos!!! It was bitter. At one point Suzanne had to duck down behind the seats for shelter.

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The bus continued the journey, and we made plans to visit the bridge again tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed for better weather.

san francisco pier 39 sealions We finished the journey, and after a quick walk around Pier 39, seeing the shops and watching the sea lions sunbathe, we headed for the cable car back to our hotel.

Previously, the bus tour guide had said the later in the day you get the cable car, the longer the queues. He was right, we had to queue for an hour, but it was worth it to hang off the side for the (cold) ride back to the hotel.

We then went out for dinner to a place called Scalas, before hitting the sack, ready for more driving tomorrow.

We are heading on the road again. No more $51!!


Things-to-see-in-San-Francisco-1005 bay bridge in the sunshine things to see in san francisco Alcatraz island things to see in san francisco Alcatraz island Things-to-see-in-San-Francisco-1030 Things-to-see-in-San-Francisco-1042 Things-to-see-in-San-Francisco-1059 san francisco pier 39


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