Canada 2017 – Day 8 – Kamloops to Lillooet

We have a three year old. A three year old that is generally pretty good. Of course he has his moments. If he has had a short nights sleep, and we want him to get dressed so we can make breakfast or checkout at the hotel, then surely he has every right to have a morning meltdown when we ask him to.

But, like I say, generally pretty good. When you consider he has been in and out of the car for 8 days so far then a second trip to the play park in 2 days is deserved.

So we take the 5km trip into Kamloops, and have a walk around the park. The quietness of the park signifies that it is very much a normal working day in Kamloops.

Scattered joggers pound the path on the banks of the river. The odd parent like us, entertains their little one in the park, trying desperately not to have to climb to the top of the slide with them, and usually like us, clambering up anyway.

I neglected to mention yesterday, that we popped into a coffee shop called Blenz. Just for a drink and a snack but while there, we got talking to the Barista. A barista who, like any of the people Max meets, had no hesitation in giving her name when asked by him. Kat /Cat it turns out.

Anyway, Kat/Cat suggested we try Mittz Kitchen, just across the way from her. Shamelessly plugging her friends who own it, but we thought today we would give it try. After all, a restaurant recommended that is owned by the friend of a stranger is surely slightly better than a restaurant recommended by nobody.

The place is deeper than it is wide. As a result the windows that are already shaded by pavement trees do little to cast much light on the inside.

But that’s ok. The warm lighting, the dark wood seating of which 80% are booths, make for a warm, inviting and private atmosphere.

A black mark against them though, they can’t rustle up an orange juice and lemonade. So it’s Dr Pepper for me again.

After lunch we hit the road again, this time, heading further west to a (very) small town called Lillooet.

A town set within a basin of mountains, with an old suspension bridge being one of its main attractions.

And that, to us at least, appeared to be all. We will move on quite quickly after tonight. Sorry Lillooet, but gondolas and hopeful bear sightings await in Whistler.

Distance covered today – 189km

Total driven so far – 1,320km



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