Canada 2017 – Day 12 – 24 hours in Victoria BC

One thing that has struck us about not only Victoria, but all of Canada that we have been fortunate to see this trip, is how clean it is. Hardly any litter fluttering about. No crisp packets stuck in a fence, or chocolate wrappers in a hedge.

We had earmarked a place called Frankie’s for breakfast to start our 24 hours in Victoria BC. The walk there took us along those nice clean streets. We passed a small ferry in it’s dock, waiting to be loaded. And when I say small, I mean smaller than the one we piled onto with 179 other cars yesterday. I think this one may have been foot passengers only.

On our way to Frankies, we also passed the majestic Government Buildings and the just as majestic Fairmont Hotel.

It had darkish furniture but still managed to exude brightness, largely thanks to the windows running the entire length, overlooking Government Street. The entrance was up a couple of flights of stairs, so bear that in mind if you are planning a visit.

We were showed to our table by Frankie himself, and a quick read of something told us the room we are sat in used to be a restaurant serving lunches and dinners.

But when Frankie took it over, it became a diner. Makes sense. Start making money from 7am instead of midday.

We ordered our oversized breakfasts from our oversized menu, and with suitable full tummies, we headed off to the Bug Zoo.

Yes, you read that right. We visited a zoo dedicated totally to bugs, a great thing for kids if you are spending 24 hours in Victoria BC. Situated just a block or two from the restaurant, we paid our $12 each (Max, being under 4, was free)

It was a museum dedicated to all things buggy. Insects, spiders, grasshoppers etc. We had a delightful couple of hours hearing about the animals. Surprised to learn how fragile tarantulas are, and how the Queen Ant lays one egg every 3 seconds.

We all held things I certainly never expected to hold. Cockroaches, centipedes, stick insects, and of course, a Tarantula. Feeling their soft little feet on our hands, realising the spiders are not going to go for our throats, and the cockroaches are in fact very clean animals. Who’d have thought it!

Fishermans Wharf

After we left the Zoo, we headed to the waterfront, and jumped on an undersized water taxi, which felt no bigger than a car.

While there are many stops for the water taxi to take, we wanted to go direct to one place we would recommend you visiting if you are spending 24 hours in Victoria BC. Fishermans Wharf.

We stepped off the water taxi, and was immediately hit with a mixture of colours and smells, all emulating from the various eateries. From Fish & Chips, to Mexican, to Seafood.

All their shacks were suitably painted. Seaside pastels for the Fish & Chips and Seafood. Bright Red and Yellow for the Me-hi-can, green for the Japanese and a nice pink for the Sweet Shop.

We continued our 24 hours in Victoria BC

After a drink and a stroll, we thought Max needed to expel some of the energy that may have built up while in the zoo, the ferry, and Fishermans Wharf. So off to the play park we went.

Situated a short stroll from Fishermans Wharf, it wasn’t the best park, but it had enough to keep him going for an hour or so.

Had we wanted to run around a bit more, there were other parks, the Miniature World, and a multitude of Whale Watching options on offer. But, after our recent schedule, we wanted a chilled day, so after a leisurely stroll from the park, it was dinner at a place called The Irish Times.

A dark, dingy, moody pub. Made moodier by the fact we were stuck at the back. But we made the best of it, and enjoyed a simple tea.

On the walk home, we passed the Queen Victoria statue in front of the Parliament Building. As we were close by, one of the beautiful horse pulling the just as beautiful carts left a present on the road.

As the aroma filled the Air, Max asks “Does the Queen smell?”

And on that note we thought it was time for bed.

Until I write again….Richard, Suzanne and Max

Distance covered today – 0km

Total driven / ferried so far – 1,822km

24 hours in Victoria BC













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